Assembly and Processional


It is important to be on time and dressed in your regalia when you arrive at the venue. Candidates are to line up at Gate 4 of the O'Connell Center 90 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. Candidates who arrive after the ceremony has started will be seated in the back row, but will not be the last graduates to walk across the stage. Students who do not have regalia will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony. Refer to the commencement schedule for the location and time of your ceremony.

The Processional and Recessional

The processional begins 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony, when the marshals lead you and the other candidates into the arena. Once seated, you are asked to remain seated until the marshals ask you to stand for the entrance of the platform party. Remain standing until after the singing of the National Anthem.

The Conferral of Degrees

Degrees will be conferred in this order:

  1. Doctor of Philosophy
  2. Doctor of Education
  3. Doctor of Audiology
  4. Doctor of Business Administration
  5. Doctor of Nursing Practice
  6. Doctor of Physical Therapy
  7. Doctor of Plant Medicine
  8. Doctor of Pharmacy
  9. Master's and Specialist
  10. Bachelor's

Doctoral Degree Candidates

Candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Plant Medicine, and Doctor of Nursing Practice have a faculty escort who accompanies the graduate to the stage and back. Candidates whose escorts do not show up or who, for any other reason, do not have an escort are to immediately notify the marshals in the venue. When entering the venue, doctoral candidates and escorts proceed side by side with candidates walking on the left and escorts on the right. When the candidates are asked to stand, the faculty escorts remain seated.

Doctor of Audiology, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Doctor of Pharmacy candidates do not have escorts. These candidates enter the venue in single file order.

Advanced Degree Candidates

The presiding official recognizes advanced degree candidates as a group. After the group recognition, candidates are invited as a group to the stage for individual recognition. Marshals lead these groups to the stage. At the top of the steps, give your name scanning card to the marshal.

Undergraduate Degree Candidates

All candidates for bachelor's degrees will be presented as a group. When instructed, please move your tassel from right to left. Watch for the marshal's signal to indicate when your row is to stand and proceed single file to the stage. Give your name scanning card to the marshal when you reach the top of the steps so you can be recognized individually.