Faculty Participants

All participants in the ceremony wear a university-approved cap and gown, which can be reserved from the University Bookstore by the deadline.

Faculty Escort Instructions


Please assemble with your candidate in the O'Connell Center according to the time stated in the letter you receive, which is 30 minutes prior to the processional and 60 minutes prior to the start of the formal ceremony.


Enter the stadium through Gate 4, then proceed to the Volleyball Practice Court. Look for the placard identifying your candidate's degree.


Commencement marshals will direct you to your place for the processional, which generally starts 30 minutes before the ceremony.


All escorts and candidates will form two rows: You will stand to the right of the degree candidate.


Once the processional begins, escorts and candidates turn in the same direction and enter the row of seats designated by the marshal. You will be seated to the right of the degree candidate.


When the candidates are asked to stand, you will remain seated. After the doctoral candidates have had their degrees conferred, they will remain standing. The faculty escort accompanies each doctoral degree candidate to the stage and assists with hooding.


Upon reaching the top of the steps, candidates will hand their name cards to the presiding official to have their names read individually.


Candidates (followed by their faculty escorts) will cross the stage to shake hands with the dean of the graduate school. Then the graduate and escort walk together down the steps and the center aisle to return to their seats.


A faculty escort with more than one candidate walks to the right of the first candidate. Other candidates follow. If there is an even number of additional candidates, all walk in pairs; if an odd number, the final candidate follows single file.

If a doctoral candidate has more than one faculty escort, the second escort follows the first.


Escorts who are also Marshals are not able to accompany their candidates into the arena. These candidates should enter the arena single file and will be joined by their escorts when the doctoral candidates are called forward.


Please confirm that your candidate has made arrangements at the UF Bookstore (352-392-0194) for a cap, gown and hood. Doctoral candidates who have purchased their hoods will bring them to the ceremony. Rental hoods will be delivered to the stadium.