Hooding Instructions

All participants in the ceremony wear a university-approved cap and gown, which can be reserved from the University Bookstore by the deadline.

I have rented my regalia from the bookstore

Doctoral candidates who use rented regalia do not have to carry their hoods into the venue. The hoods are delivered by the UF Bookstore to all locations and are already on the platform.

I am bringing my own hood to the ceremony

Candidates who may have purchased or own a hood need to follow the instructions below for carrying the hood into the arena. Make sure the tie cord is unhooked. The tie cord is located at the narrow end of the hood and is a short cord that attaches to a button. If the cord is fastened, it is extremely difficult to lower the hood over the head and place it on the candidate's shoulders.

Hood Preparation and Position

Hold the hood in both hands with the velvet edge to the right.

Fold the hood once the long way.

Drape the folded hood over the left arm, narrow (neck) end in front, velvet edging on the right. That is the way it is to be carried onto the platform for the hooding.

The Hooding Procedure


Move to the platform:

After the degree has been conferred and at the marshal's signal, the faculty escort stands with the graduate. Both file out of the seat row and line up, side by side, to move to the platform. Again, the graduate is on the left, the escort on the right.


Mount the stairs to the platform:

Follow the instructions of the marshals posted at the bottom of the stairs. When prompted, climb to the top stair and wait until admitted to the platform by the Gatekeeper Marshal.


Move to the scanning station:

Move to the scanning station: After graduate and escort are admitted to the platform, the graduate gives the name scanning card to the marshal at the scanning station. The marshal scans the card and returns it to the graduate.


Move to the Chief Marshal:

Graduate and escort move to the chief marshal, and the graduate turns the name scanning card over to the chief marshal.


Move to the Hooding Line:

Upon the chief marshal's prompt, both graduate and escort move up to the hooding line as their names are read over the public address system. The hooding line is on the platform floor at the center rear of the stage.


Where to stand:

At the hooding line, the graduate stands with shoes on footprints (making the best picture for the TV camera). The escort is still to the right of the graduate.



The hooding marshal stands left of the graduate; the escort to the right. Together, the hooding marshal and the escort hood the candidate.


Shake Hands:

After being hooded, the graduate and the escort move left across the stage, and the graduate shakes hands with various officials. In the case of a faculty escort with multiple graduates, the escort accompanies the final graduate across the stage. Only the graduate shakes hands,
not the escort.



After all hands have been shaken and the stage crossed, graduate and escort go down the exit stairs to the arena floor. Immediately adjacent to the exit side of the platform is the photography station, and the graduate gets in line for a picture.


Sit Down:

Once the graduate's picture has been taken, graduate and escort walk back to their seats.

Information for Faculty and Staff

We look forward to your participation in this very special time for the UF community, graduating students, their families and friends.

Escorting the Doctoral Candidate

A faculty escort with more than one candidate walks to the right of the first candidate. Other candidates follow. If there is an even number of additional candidates, all walk in pairs; if an odd number, the final candidate follows single file.

If a doctoral candidate has more than one faculty escort, the second escort follows the first.

Escorts who are also Marshals are not able to accompany their candidates into the arena. These candidates should enter the arena single file and will be joined by their escorts when the doctoral candidates are called forward.