Tassels, Caps, Gowns and Hoods

All participants in the ceremony wear a university-approved cap and gown, which can be reserved from the University Bookstore by the deadline.

Tassels and Caps

Candidates for degrees at the University of Florida wear the black mortarboard with a tassel whose color is distinctive of the degree being received. For undergraduate students, the tassel should hang on the right side and moved to the left side after the receipt of the degree. Graduate students should place the tassel on the left side.

Fisher School of Accounting Aqua
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Maize
College of the Arts Brown
M. E. Rinker School of Construction Management Burnt Orange and Opal
Warrington College of Business Drab
College of Dentistry Lilac
College of Design, Construction and Planning Blue Violet
College of Education Light Blue
College of Engineering Orange
The Graduate School Black
College of Health and Human Performance Sage Green
College of Journalism and Communications Black and White
Fredric G. Levin College of Law Purple
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Art White
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Sciences Golden Yellow
College of Medicine Green
College of Nursing Apricot
College of Pharmacy Olive Green
College of Public Health and Health Professions Salmon
College of Veterinary Medicine Gray

The Gown


The bachelor gown is black, full cut with long pointed sleeves.


The master gown is black with a closed sleeve and a slit near the upper part of the arm.


The doctoral gown may be blue or black with an open sleeve and velvet running down the front panels and cross bars on the sleeve. The trimming may be black or it may match the color of the velvet hood edging.

The Hood

Students receiving specialist, engineer and master's degrees will receive their hoods when they pick up their regalia and should wear their hoods to the ceremony.

Doctoral degree candidates (Ph.D., Au.D., D.P.M., D.P.T., Ed.D) will not receive their hoods with their regalia. These hoods are delivered by the bookstore to the commencement location so that these candidates can be hooded during the ceremony.

The velvet color on an academic hood represents the degree earned. The lining of hoods worn by graduates of the University of Florida will be in the school colors of blue and orange. The lining of the hoods are folded outward.

Additional information for escorting the Doctoral candidate

A faculty escort with more than one candidate walks to the right of the first candidate. Other candidates follow. If there is an even number of additional candidates, all walk in pairs; if an odd number, the final candidate follows single file.

If a doctoral candidate has more than one faculty escort, the second escort follows the first.

Escorts who are also Marshals are not able to accompany their candidates into the arena. These candidates should enter the arena single file and will be joined by their escorts when the doctoral candidates are called forward.