This ceremony celebrates doctoral candidates in 14 of our colleges whose semester ends with the traditional summer calendar.

The University Doctoral Ceremony recognizes Doctoral candidates from all colleges except Dentistry and Law.

The following degrees will be conferred at this Ceremony: PhD, EdD, AuD, DBA, DNP, DPM, DPT, and PharmD.

All participants are individually recognized while being hooded on stage.

We encourage all attendees, including candidates, escorts and guests to wear a mask to this ceremony.

University Doctoral Ceremony
  • DATE & TIME: Friday, August 5. 2pm-4pm, processional at 1:40pm.
  • LOCATION: Stephen C. O’Connell Center.
  • CANDIDATE & ESCORT ASSEMBLY: 12:30pm at Gate 4. Bring your name card. Wear your regalia, tassel on the left. Carry your hood on your right arm. 
  • GUEST ADMISSION: Gate 1 at 12:30pm.
  • TICKETS: We do not expect to ticket this ceremony nor restrict the number of guests per grad. If CDC protocol requires us to change this, we will notify candidates.
  • REGALIA: Required.
  • CONTACT: Steph McBride,