A huge thank you to the faculty and staff working during graduation weekend, our ceremonies would not be successful without your dedication and commitment! We encourage all faculty and staff working the ceremonies to wear a mask.


Faculty scheduled to serve as a marshal should come through Gate 4, arriving 2 hrs. 15 min. prior to the scheduled ceremony start time.

Proceed to the basement level in the Performer’s Dressing Room where you will receive a marshal gown to wear over your business casual clothing. Comfortable shoes are recommended, as these roles require periods of standing and walking.

An outline of your assigned marshal role will be sent in mid July. A 30 minute training will be held 2 hrs prior to the ceremony to ensure you understand your marshal assignment.

The ceremony will run approximately two hours. You will be needed through the duration of the ceremony. Afterwards, you will return your marshal robe to the Performer’s Dressing Room.

Total time commitment: 4 hours, 30 minutes


Staff working at the check-in station should arrive at Gate 4, arriving 2 hrs. prior to the scheduled start time of the ceremony and remain there. Business casual clothing is appropriate, “Gator Gear” is recommended but not required. A name tag will be provided. Comfortable shoes are recommended, as these roles require periods of standing.

An outline of the roles at the check-in station will be sent in mid-July. A training will be held upon your arrival for the ceremony.

The ceremony will run approximately two hours, but you will be needed only through the first 15 minutes (approximately) of the ceremony.

Total time commitment: 2 hours, 30 minutes


Employee parking for the ceremonies is in the East Hall Lot off Gale Lemerand Avenue. A blue employee commencement parking pass was sent to you via inter-office mail at the end of July. You will show it to the parking attendant and leave it on the dashboard of your vehicle.

See this parking and shuttle map for a visual - look for "STAFF LOT" on the map. Summer '23 Shuttle Map