Walking Out-of-Term (WOOT) is when a student close to finishing their degree, or who has recently finished their degree, requests the privilege of walking in a semester’s ceremony other than the one they are graduating, or have graduated, in.

There are several reasons a person may request to WOOT, including, but not limited to:

  • Medical hardship associated with their scheduled graduation weekend
  • Military relocation for the graduate or spouse during their scheduled graduation weekend
  • International VISA travel restriction for the graduate or immediate family members associated with their scheduled graduation weekend

Approval of a WOOT request is at the discretion of the college, and subject to the availability of seats in the requested ceremony.

A person approved to WOOT at a ceremony will be permitted to participate in the ceremony as a graduate would; their name will be called, they’ll walk across the stage and shake their dean’s hand. A person WOOTing would take part in the activities involved in the ceremony.

However, persons who are WOOTing are not graduates of that semester, and are not extended additional rights or privileges of graduates of that semester, including, but not limited to:

  • Having their name printed in the commencement program for that semester
  • Receiving a diploma in that semester
Application for WOOT Request

A student who wishes to apply to WOOT from the Summer of 2020 into another semester should fill out the appropriate form and submit it to their advisor for signature. The advisor will then send it to the commencement office for final approval.

Summer 2020 WOOT Application