To help you prepare for this special extended weekend, please read this page of important information, links, and deadlines.

Cap & Gown

Graduates must wear regalia (cap and gown) in order to participate in the University Wide Commencement.

The doctoral recognition ceremony and some of the college recognition ceremonies require regalia, others will not. Check with your college's ceremony webpage or the College Recognition Ceremonies page for this information to ensure you're prepared for your college's ceremony.

For questions about regalia, including ordering and deadline information, contact the bookstore directly:

Phone: (352) 392-0194
Website: Regalia Services

Please note, the commencement office cannot assist with regalia orders. Orders MUST be managed through the UF Bookstore.

Application for Graduation

Students graduating in a given semester must apply to graduate. The deadlines for applications for the Spring 2022 semester can be found in the catalog of the Registrar's Office Registrar Spring Deadline Page. The deadline this semester is January 28.

The application for graduation can be found in a student's OneUF:

In the application, there is a box that asks the degree applicant whether UF has permission to print their name in the commencement program. If the box is not marked "yes" by the applicant, we cannot print the name of the candidate in the commencement program.

Please note, due to printing deadlines, we gather names for the commencement program the week after the degree application deadline. This is also when we collect the honors status of our candidates (cum laude, etc.). If a candidate does not apply for graduation on time, or if their honors status changes during the second part of the semester, we cannot guarantee them to be accurately reflected in the commencement program.

University Wide Commencement Instructions

6pm- Arrive on Reitz Union Lawn, assemble with college

Assemble with your college for the procession into Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. In each college section, those earning a doctoral degree will be in front, those earning a master’s or specialist’s degrees will be in the middle, those earning bachelor’s degrees will be in the back.

NOTE: Line up is on a grassy area, you will then walk across a street and down a ramp to get to the football field. Be thoughtful about your attire, especially footwear. Flat shoes are recommended.

Families can begin entering the stadium at 5:30pm, they should be finding their seats there, not joining you in the Reitz Lawn area.

6:40pm- Faculty marshals will begin moving colleges into position

College by college, you’ll be moved out of your sections and into four lines to move across the lawn and then Stadium Rd. You’ll be handed a bottle of water before you cross Stadium Road toward the stadium.

7pm-7:40pm (approximately)- Student procession into Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Colleges will begin the official march into the stadium, filling seats row by row, each led by their dean and announced as they process in. EXAMPLE: “Now entering, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences led by Dean David Richardson.”

7:40-7:45pm- Platform Processional

Those who will be on the stage will enter the field, including President Fuchs, deans of the colleges, members of the Board of Trustees, the guest speaker, and others.

7:45pm-8:45pm (approximately)- University Wide Commencement Ceremony

President Fuchs will preside over this ceremony. The guest speaker (TBA soon) will give the commencement address. Deans will present each of their colleges and a member of the Board of Trustees will confer the degrees. The president of the UF alumni association will welcome you as alumni for the first time.

8:45pm (approximately)- Exiting Stadium

Following the platform recessional, you will exit the field through the tunnel you entered while your family exits at other locations. Due to large crowds leaving the stadium at once, plan to give yourselves plenty of time and establish a meeting point.

HINT: Choose less-common locations to meet your party. The Bull Gator or Heisman Trophy statues are where most people choose to meet.

Diploma Information

Diplomas are ordered for all graduating students by the Office of the University Registrar. This takes place at the end of the term for a term's graduating class. Once colleges have posted grades (which happens the Tuesday after the ceremony weekend), it takes approximately 8 weeks for graduates to receive their diplomas.

Diplomas are mailed to the graduates' DIPLOMA MAILING ADDRESS as it appears in their ONE.UF at the end of the semester. Students are responsible for correcting or updating their DIPLOMA MAILING ADDRESS as necessary.

Name Cards

One of the biggest highlights of the college recognition ceremony is being recognized by the platform party as your name is read aloud. The Name Card provides your name information for individual recognition.

You will receive your name card from the bookstore when you pick up your regalia. Please complete the front and back of the card before arriving at your college ceremony and bring it with you when it is time for your individual recognition.

Printed Programs

Graduates will receive two copies of the printed university commencement program when they pick up their regalia from the UF bookstore beginning April 18. These keepsake programs have the names of all students graduating this semester.

(please note this may not be a fully exhaustive list, as it reflects applications at a given point in the semester; academic honors designations are also determined at this time and may fluctuate through the course of the semester)

Additional copies will be available for purchase at the bookstore for $1; proceeds go to a scholarship fund for future first generation college students from low-income families.

Approximately two weeks before graduation weekend, the full PDF of the program will be available online at This version can be viewed and/or downloaded at any time after it appears.

Some colleges will also have printed programs for their recognition ceremonies.

VISA for International Guests

If you are an international student who may need assistance with the proper documents for family or friends to come to your ceremony, you should contact UF’s International Center for assistance.