To help you prepare for this special extended weekend, please read this page of important information, links, and deadlines.

Because we introduced a new schedule to meet the needs of CDC guidelines and venue capacity restrictions, we asked our graduates to register for their college's ceremony between February 19 and March 31. Graduates who registered in this time frame will receive 2 guest tickets, which will be distributed electronically April 20. Tickets will be distributed in pairs. There will not be additional tickets for any ceremony.

Cap & Gown

Graduates must wear regalia (cap and gown) in order to participate in their ceremony.

For questions about regalia, including ordering and shipping, contact the bookstore directly:

Phone: (352) 392-0194
Website: Regalia Services

Please note, the commencement office cannot assist with regalia orders. Orders MUST be managed through the UF Bookstore.

Application for Graduation

Students graduating in a given semester must apply to graduate. The deadlines for applications for the Spring 2021 semester can be found in the catalog of the Registrar's Office Registrar Spring Deadline Page. The deadline this semester was February 5.

The application for graduation can be found in a student's OneUF.

In the application, there is a box that asks the degree applicant whether UF has permission to print their name in the commencement program. If the box is not marked "yes" by the applicant, we cannot print the name of the candidate in the commencement program.

Please note, due to printing deadlines, we gather names for the commencement program the week after the degree application deadline. This time frame is also when we collect the honors status of our candidates (cum laude, etc.). If a candidate does not apply for graduation on time, we cannot guarantee their name will be included in the commencement program.

Ceremony Instructions

30-60 minutes before the ceremony- Arrive at Gate 4 of the Stephen C. O'Connell Center
Check in through Gate 4 and go to your seat as directed by staff and faculty. Receive your name card at check in. Fill out your name card at your seat (pencils will be there.

Your 2 ticketed guests can begin entering the Stephen C. O'Connell Center 90 minutes before the ceremony through Gate 1.
Any additional guests can attend the "watch party" at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Doors open 60 minutes before the ceremony.

15 minutes before the ceremony- Be in your seat
Graduates must be in their appropriate seat 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

Your 2 ticketed guests should be in their assigned seats 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

Ceremony start time- Candidates will rise for the National Anthem

  • Ceremonies run approximately 2 hours from the start time to when the last name is called.
  • As you cross the stage, you may remove your mask. When you have your picture taken in front of the green screen, you may remove your mask. Your mask is to remain over your nose and mouth at all other times.
  • Once your picture is taken, you are encouraged, but not required to, quietly exit the O'Connell Center through Gate 4. Faculty and staff will provide direction.

Your 2 ticketed guests are welcome, but not required to, quietly exit the O'Connell Center through Gate 1 after your name is called. Faculty and staff will provide direction.

2 hours after start time- Graduates and guests must exit the O'Connell Center
Graduates and guests who remain in the O'Connell Center for the entirety of the ceremony must exit upon the conclusion of the ceremony. In order to allow enough time for sanitizing between ceremonies, and to avoid breaking the 6-foot physical distancing efforts between parties, we ask that groups exit promptly, rather than congregating in hallways, doorways, and lobbies.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance regarding this matter.

Diploma Information

Diplomas are ordered for all graduating students by the Office of the University Registrar. This takes place at the end of the term for a term's graduating class. Once colleges have posted grades, it takes approximately 8 weeks for graduates to receive their diplomas.

Diplomas are mailed to the graduates' DIPLOMA MAILING ADDRESS as it appears in their ONE.UF at the end of the semester. Students are responsible for correcting or updating their DIPLOMA MAILING ADDRESS as necessary.

Name Cards

One of the biggest highlights of the college recognition ceremony is being recognized by the platform party as your name is read aloud. The Name Card provides your name information for individual recognition.

You will receive your name card upon arrival at Gate 4 for check-in.

Printed Programs

Graduates will receive two copies of the printed university commencement program in the mail. These keepsake programs have the names of students graduating this semester.

(please note this may not be a fully exhaustive list, as it reflects applications received on time; academic honors designations are also determined at this time and may fluctuate through the course of the semester)

Approximately two weeks before graduation weekend, the full PDF of the program will become available online at at the bottom of the page. This version can be viewed and/or downloaded at any time after it appears.

VISA for International Guests

If you are an international student who may need assistance with the proper documents for family or friends to come to your ceremony, you should contact UF’s International Center for assistance.