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Why did you choose the July 31-August 2 weekend for the bachelor's, master's and specialist's degree candidates?

We prioritized rescheduling the ceremony for no sooner than mid-July to ensure campus was back to normal for all Gators- graduates, guests, students and employees. July 31-August 2 is the first weekend the O'Connell Center is available in that timeframe. The O'Dome is UF's only indoor space large enough to hold the multiple ceremonies we anticipate will occur.

Why were doctoral candidates invited to join the summer ceremony on August 7 instead of given their own rescheduled ceremony?

The number of doctoral candidates is considerably smaller than the number of graduates with any other degree. Combining those two ceremonies into a single ceremony creates more timeslots for ceremonies for returning bachelor's/master's/specialist's degree recipients. It aso increases efficiency and ease of regalia rental ordering for doctoral candidates.

Is there any chance the dates will be changed again?

We will not reschedule again unless there are additional significant circumstances beyond our control.

What about regalia?

The bookstore has sent information about regalia out to all bachelor's, master's and specialist's candidates who ordered it, providing information about refunds and having the regallia shipped to their home.

Bachelor's, master's and specialist's degree candidates interested in participating in the rescheduled weekend should NOT seek a refund for their regalia. Please provide instead your shipping information and you will receive your cap and gown in the mail.

Doctoral degree candidates have received information about refunds.

Doctoral degree candidates will all receive refunds, since doctoral regalia is rented and not purchased. Doctoral candidates who choose to participate in the summer ceremony  can re-order rental regalia.

For questions about the regalia process, please contact cap-gown@ufl.edu

*Please note the commencement office is unable to assist with specific questions about refunds or shipments, those matters must be handled through the bookstore.

If I do not participate, do I still get my diploma?

Absolutely. As always, participating in any ceremony is optional. Ceremony participation does not reflect academic status. In fact, in this unique situation, graduates will have already received their diplomas in the mail prior to the ceremony, since diplomas are mailed approximately 8 weeks after grades are finalized.

What about the commencement program?

Two copies of the spring commencement program will be mailed to graduates' homes in May. Additionally, a PDF version will be available online at https://commencement.ufl.edu in April.

What is the purpose of the survey you sent us?

For bachelor's, master's and specialist's degree candidates, the purpose is to better understand the number of graduating students from each degree level and each college who are interested in returning for the July 31-August 2 graduation weekend. This will help us determine the number of ceremonies we need to schedule that weekend.

For doctoral candidates, the purpose to establish a preliminary understanding of the number of graduating candidates from each college that might join the summer doctoral ceremony. This will help us to ensure we have enough supplies and staffing when planning for the ceremony.

Will my ceremony time from the April-May weekend stay the same for the July-August weekend?

The rescheduled ceremonies will not be college-specific, but rather bundle several colleges together. So, some colleges might find themselves in the same time slot, but there is no guarantee. We will hold enough ceremonies so that all students will fit comfortably within a 2-hour ceremony, with no restrictions on guests, and with no tickets required.

To be clear, students will attend only one ceremony during the rescheduled weekend, as we will NOT hold a University Wide Ceremony in the stadium.

When do you expect to have the final schedule?

The deadline for responding to the survey is April 3rd. We will then analyze the responses to create the schedule. 

We intend to post the final schedule the week of April 20th, before finals take place.

When can I register?

Once the official schedule has been finalized and posted, we will send out the registration form. You can expect to see our email regarding registraton by mid-May. The email will be sent to the same email address as the initial survey. It is important that you continue to check your UF email after graduation through September.

What if I want to walk in another ceremony weekend, such as summer 2020 or fall 2020?

These ceremonies have already been planned, with an estimated number of attendees and graduates, so space is limited. However, we will allow for applications for walking out of term (WOOT). We will provide details of the application process in the near future. Exceptions will always be allowed for situations such as military deployments and station changes, medical issues and VISA limitations for our international students. We cannot guarantee those requests to WOOT for other reasons will be approved.

Tickets: Do I need them? How do I get them? How many can I have?

None of the spring rescheduled ceremonies will require tickets.

The summer doctoral ceremony does not require tickets.

What about inclement weather?

Weather will NOT impact any of these ceremonies, as they are all scheduled indoors.

We will not hold a University Wide Commencement ceremony in the stadium during this rescheduled weekend.